Since 1944, when Pacific Marine and Supply opened its doors in Hawaii, its family of companies has been serving the maritime and industrial sectors.  From humble beginnings working out of the back of pickup trucks to the modern day milling machines, heavy cranes and robotic water-jetting rigs, PSI continues to update its capabilities and certifications in order to service our customer’s needs.


Pacific Shipyards International (PSI) is located in the heart of Honolulu amidst the piers where ships arrive and berth.  Our convenient location allows our customers to survey and monitor their preservation projects within Honolulu.


PSI along with our parent company, Pacific Marine & Supply bring a family of companies that complement each other in similar industries.  PSI also maintains a large subcontractor workforce to supplement our own organic capabilities.


Pacific Marine's Family of Companies:

Pacific Shipyards International, LLC

P.O. Box 31328 Honolulu, Hawaii 96820

Located at Pier 24 in Honolulu Harbor

Tel: (808) 848-6211 - Fax: (808) 848-6279

24 Hour Phone: (808) 368-8125