PSI recently install a re-built alternator #5 weighting 59,000lbs aboard the SBX-1 using two cranes at a height of 192’.

In 2007 & 2008 PSI serviced the annual docking requirements for the inter-island “Super Ferry” which included underwater hull preservation and aluminum welding repairs.

In the fall of 2010 PSI sand blasted and painted 210,000 sq. ft of the USS Missouri’s hull & freeboard. PSI used over 400 tons of grit and 4000 gallons of paint in a 3 month period. It is believed to be the largest blasting and painting project in Pearl Harbor history in recent years.

In 1997 Pacific Shipyards International constructed SLICE, a Lockheed-Martin designed high speed SWATH vessel.

Pacific Shipyards International constructed the largest free-floating platform in the world for United Artist's blockbuster Waterworld.  When construction was complete, the 750 ton floating atoll was anchored off the west coast of the island of Hawaii.


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